wtglogo Petesimple got its start in early 1999 at the University of Houston. 3 EP releases, six side projects and one new member later Petesimple Released their 1st full length album “And it was still Hot” in the November of 2004 in Houston Texas.
Live at Anderson Fair
Many gigs to follow, Pete Lippincott (Petesimple) toured the United States with his new found Bass/Beatboxing/singing bandmate Ian Hammer. Bringing folk-boxing into the lime light on a midwestern United States tour, Pete and Ian made music history with folk-boxing, or at least a foot note in your music history text book. Ok maybe not a foot note, more of a penciled in scribble next to Sting and Dave Matthew’s section of your music history book because you bought your text book used. Hey everyone starts somewhere, (wink) Not long after Petesimple went on a short tour through England. Now back in the states, Petesimple is touring in the southwest with the new band – Sam Ortallono on bass, Richard Cholakian (drums), Ashley Milne (sultry singstress), and a brass section with Tim Kochen on saxophone and Gus Paredes on trumpet. With two new albums under its belt “Freaky Timber Witch” (2007) and “Hippopotomonstrosesquipedeliaphobia”(2010) under the independent label Live Music Records. Back in the studio for their 3rd commercial album Petesimple is coming to rock your town and folk up your life. www.petesimple.com www.livemusicrecords.com For more info CONTACT US