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Train Station Blues

by pete

You came into town

Into my life again

Through all that we had been through

Through all those days that we've seen

*Stop dreaming into me

Stop screaming into me

Stop believing it's always me

You and I will never tire

The train is here and my desire

But you just walk on by

And I just try to ignore


I guess that we've spent our hour

On this dance without a shout

To continue a life with me

The dream we'll never see


To Be There

by pete

Take a number for your slumber

And believe in me

Must you go so soon?

Must you dream?

*All for your wanting

All for your needing

All for your dreams

To be there

Blue and the loneliest number

Fame for your future

Screaming because the night


Not a latchkey kid

Not in it for me

Not in it for anything other than me

For you anything

For you everything


There are a million things I've forgotten

There are so many more to come

So be with me in your slumber

To dream


Sunny La

by pete

Time a lot smile a lot

Trailing spilled sweet thinking

Not about to turn sour

Still counting on the Hour

*Finding Lai'de Lai'de Lai'de da de

Star struck luck from a knuck

Ledger filled heat loved

Stopping aloud to burn flower bright

Still counting on the hour night


Stranger Things

Andy Kauffman was the first man to eat green cheese

And Gonzo and Izabel the chicken were not far behind

Yeah yeah

People go crazy about a sharp dressed man

People go crazy about Elvis and his blue suede shoes

People go crazy about Willie and his "Crazy" thing

People go crazy about the strangest things

People are this way, Mr. Morrison said, "When you're a stranger"

Tiny Tim "Tip toed through the tulips"

What a long strange trip it's been

Yeah yeah

People go crazy about a sharp dressed woman

People go crazy about Elvis and his blue suede sock

People go crazy about Willie and his taxation

People go crazy about the strangest things

Like Mr. Hammer and his "Folk-Boxing"

People go crazy about a sharp dressed cat

People go crazy about Elvis and Graceland

People go crazy about Willie and his red bandana

People go crazy about the strangest things

Song That Mel Likes

Every now and again we see eye to eye

Everything else is just a lie

Now see here, she exclaimed into the night

Passionate kisses are all I need tonight

*Right now is the time; Don't break my heart

We'll cross that sea in due time; Don't break my heart

Don't worry we're ready; it's the best place to start

I'm here and I am steady, So don't break my heart

She was there on a Tuesday

And the air was just right

She said I may have found it dear

Well I found my fight

I asked is the reflection consequence of my action

No not this time

As she explained to me, its just a piece of glass


Every now and again we see eye to eye

Everything else is just a lie

Now see here, she exclaimed into the night

Passionate kisses are all I need tonight


by pete

I am listening to your every word

All I hear is love, love, love

I'm still going Malatoid

In my arms; Oh, all for you

*Sometimes in the middle of the city

Someday in my dreams

Sometimes out along the lucid shore

Someday any day

So dream just a little

And Fall in my arms a little while

In and out, in and out

All for you




Rum and Pickle Juice


*Another day in our lives

You'll give it one more try

So why don't you try something new

Like rum and pickle juice

(Rhyming in crowd)


repeat until bored


Perhaps Chance

Falling from that star angel

Wings without two words

To happen somewhere in the midst of grey

And choosing carefully words, words, words

Selling drama to a carpenter

The lives that we lead can be simple

Complexities however is how the beat goes on

Please trade away these dreams on

*Perhaps chance, we'll draw our lives around importance

Living in and on this little world we live

Perhaps chance, outside dreams can come true

Baby just me and you

I look into your beautiful cat eyes

Losing all that could be, oh how time flies

Legs locked frozen at your door

Knowing that you want to see me once more


(b) But Lions will prevail, in the story that we tell

And which way to the past please tell me

My wardrobe of wonderment cannot last

Not That Far (Hey Song)

by pete

Hey, it's not that way

It's what you do with it love

And you say, Please

Please don't you stay

It's how you use with it love

It's not that for now/song for your love

Hey, what would you say

If I was never through with your love

You'd say, Please

Please don't you stay

It's how you prove with it love

I don't mind stealing time for your love

I don't mind stealing time for your love

It's not that far now

Hey, it's how you say

That I'll never g'through with your love

And you say, Please

Please don't you stay

It's not improved with your love

I don't mind stealing time for your love

I don't mind stealing time for your love

It's not that far now

Most of the Time

Tonight is what we dream is what we say

And not a care in the world

And all along these feelings, these feelings

And nothing but this girl on my mind

*It's what I think of

It's what I need of

It's what the time wants us to believe

The Line has been crossed most every day

And the best of the worst part is that you knew

Most of the time

What I write is what I feel

It's a constant exchange of emotional emotioned thought

Every night a then I am at your window

My Julie

My Juliet



by pete

You asked me to wait a year for your love

I don't think I can wait that long

Longing for a chance as I drive away

I must ask you to dance again with me

*I send you this and you send me that

I miss you this and you miss me that

I hope for your love in time

I wish for your love next time

You asked me for some advice

And I brought you the stars for a night

You said "I'll see what comes to me love,

But I cannot promise what you deserve"


You never came around that night

But then again you never promised me the night

So I'll be back for you someday

In the meantime love I cannot, I will not stay


Last Days Goodbye

by pete

The songs you listen to are a lot like the ones I write

This one's no different no apologies stay the night

Does this mean that you are leaving soon my friend

Or can I convince you to stay 'til the end

*These last days goodbye

And I don't know, I don't know why

But things will work out alright

Yes things will be just fine

Varied conversations we all must have; and the ones we wanted to

Speaking of nothings of when we'll meet again

Carpe Notte seize the night

We'll find ourselves going on; so I just might but…


La La Song

by pete

Not quite requital

Not quite right

Sweetly towards sweetness

Enough is enough

You're too far out

If you make me wait

You'll soon find out

*La La La La

It might as well be spring

To be out we must be

Around and outside looking inside

Again sweetly towards sweetness

I might, I'll fight for it


Through These Words

I had something really witty, but I don't remember

That's been done before

Just like playing a six string and

the do wa-ditty-ditty-dum

*Your Hair Your Eyes your smile

In the moonlight

In my dreams

Because I miss you

And I Kiss you

Through these words

Not for the faint of heart they said

So we steal the day together with

You and me and one bottle dreaming of

So come sail away they say with me

How does that work for the both of us

In the still of the tender nights with
well what did he say again?
I don't remember it was something 'hukuna matata' like
Or maybe it was You can call me? You can call me Al?
But I was distracted by your

Just In Case

by pete

These things we are tailored to do

Feet standing up and making it far

I will bring water and your wine

And my picture that I drew of

*Your hair, your eyes, your smile

In the moonlight

So please, and thank you

Stay just in case your mind I want to share

With you a failable station to care

Non-consequential resident affairs

You and me and one bottle making


Just Because

by pete

How do you see me?

How do you feel me?

How do you do the things which are

*From the outside looking inside looking all around

I'll be not safe 'til you're around

So take your time

You need to find

What you need to find


Just breathe a little/ to make this go by

I'll lye around and be, just because


I May (just a little)

by pete

Something to sleep by

Just for you and all the stars

Deep diamond pockets of faith

Many more years to far to imagine

*So I may, just a little

Everyday you stay a little while

And I'll keep this in mind

That you'll always be mine

So many times

So little time to be around you

Scheming is just not you

Screaming is just not you


Assortment Assorted

I have nowhere else to go

The dreams they may come and they may go

All love stays and so


I Found Love

Every once and a while you come around

Then we're off and we cannot be found

Useless are the ways that they think we are

Trading glances only to look away

*But I found reluctant love

Not with you but some other dove

In seclusion dear

But I will find a way

Yes and you'll be back someday

*Because I found love when I found you

So we listen to things if we wanted to

No more tears when I say these words

Cuz I found love when I found you

I no misgivings or ways to explain

How you and I would express these things

But don't you worry my friend

It all works out in the end


(b) Don't look away, baby, don't look away

Darling dear are the only things we should

Tell our… tell you what

Meet me half way

And that glorious day


Once in maybe two lifetimes we'll up the anti again

Cuz you were my darling and I yours my friend

But don't you think perhaps a wink and smile to last the day

That you and I a-g-a-i-n



by pete

Do you remember the lullaby

That we once shared

So you see how far it is to ride

Into that Sunset

I will not follow alone

I will not see for it is gone

I won't find one way back to dreaming

*I would walk a thousand miles

And I would dream a million dreams

If I could be there with you

You will see

Singing, hush little baby

Don't you cry I have a lullaby

Hush little baby

Don't you cry

Sinking for a melody

Pushing up melancholy

Felling all there is to you

Meaning I'd not give up on you



Here's a little story about you and I

In fact there was never anything little about it

Yes I am fine

It's over please move on

*One day we'll not find love

Someday I'll not try up

Does this mean that we should give up?

No, that one day I'll find love

But then there are apparent lies

Like about you and me doing fine

But since, of course, there is no more

And yet life lingers on and on before…

(bridge) Oh my heart and aching for someone

Leaves trying hard-out and finding nothing

There will be time to look back

On time that I had spent

So at last there's time in life

To think about all the days gone by before

But then you know it's my life

So in the end it's just goodbye

Heaven With You

You Said I was drawing a picture in my head of

You were not fantastical as you once were

Dreaming along those lines

Of faith to the heart

Is were it is and it lies

It lies

* But you just don't know

What effect you have on heaven

And you just can't see

Till its all beside/behind you there

So close the door

Until I reach heaven with you

Until I reach heaven with you

Along those lines

Beaconing the stars

The stars they wish on your eyes

They say that they are beautiful

And are the first to come into view

Wishing on such beauty

Don't fade away

For yours are undying

And are lifetimes away

But are well worth the evening

The evening


Placing all of me

Why not take a chance on life

In regards to what you think could be love

Or interest in the skys above

This will not be above the yearning curve

And yet again we can walk along life together



Gracefully Victorian

by pete

Telling tall tales of Victorian sadness

Never ending in this story

As I fall from Grace

The air ascending all from out to be

*Tearing Tori from the norm

Running through the weather

Once again from the storm

Soul stepping diamonds in the rough

You think your tough

Running through the weather once again

Missing what I cannot have

And still searching for someone

Later times we all must have

I go on knowing on


Got to Have it

by devin/pete

Falling down on a spoon

In the month of June

Milk is about to rot

Brown paper bag spot

*Hot to you cold to me

And as taste as can be

Got to have it

Got to have it

Lack of words, so I sat

With that cat and my hat

Got a box full of brew

And you can have some too


Need more words to say

Need less words to spray

Drunk now I must go

Slow, Slow, Slow


Fate Will Work It Out

by pete

Did you see the news today

Most all I did not hear it from you

An angels place to stand

Fulcrum under bow

*Wake up your heart is set in stone

Don't leave now; no tomorrow

The time will come not to worry

Fate will work it out

Standing in giant ignorance

The wish, that of living whole

Your voice most tender

Speak softly angel now


Pictures on the wall

Paintings on the floor

It all seems so small

So don't walk throughout that door


Dreams Can Go Awry

by pete

Once upon in my dreams

Baby you will see

I can see you waking

Coming out to play with me

*Dreams can go Awry

It can be dishonest baby

Will you see?

Does it really happen baby

Sometime you will see

Time to see if you can chose

A closer walk with thee


Does it really matter baby

Kindling hearts will be

Walking out into the open air


A Story About You

by devin/pete

A story about you

That I once told myself

That you were once in love with me

*In between right and wrong

Underneath before long

You'll find yourself in need of me

There's something about you

That makes me want to cry for more

Cuz I don't want to see you torn


The things you do

The things you say

Make me love in every single way

The way you walk

The way you smile

Make me just love you and it's all worth my while

To be with you


And then when I have you

Back inside my arms

I'd never let you go again


A story about you

That I once told myself

That you were once in love with me

Your Going Away Gift Because I'm Broke

I lost myself this time

Somewhere between here and an ocean

Thinking I was blind

Somewhere between you and me

Along the way

Thinking of you

I will not stop this time

She says, You're always there for me

Well I hope you know you're right this time anyway

*Along your way home

I will stop and think of you

Along your way home

I know you'll stop and think of me

I think I'll give it a try

She says, But there are better things like butterflies and fairytales through the glass

I think I'll be coming home

When the wind begins to blow for you

*Along my way home

I will stop and think of you

Along my way home

I know you'll stop and think of me

Won't Come Down

by pete

Do you ever wonder, the things we cannot see

Where the wild things are, grow things unimaginable

*I won't come down (from here)

This is not for your edification

Or your personal faith

I think of it as magic, but only when you sleep


And she wakes, to see me there

And she wonders, only


Will It All Fall Down

by pete

Say when will your time come

And how will you get there

How far does it feel awake

And will you see me quietly

*Will it all fall down?

Say when the rain comes

Will you hold onto me?

Does vertigo make a difference?

When you're with me


Questions in due time

Ones we won't want to say

Then there's a reason for all of this

But I'm not certain you will agree


What was it like before Saturday

I wake up ready for school, no wait its Saturday

The cartoons I think I missed

What was life like before Saturday

I pour the cereal and milk at the same time

It's a commercial about something I've not seen sugary

That I must have

*What was it like before birthday parties with jungle gyms

When Cartoons were half my day

*What was it like before the cute girl

I think she's looking at me; I think I'll pull her hair

*What was it like before reading under the covers with a flashlight

Some misadventures of a dog and a boy

*What was it like before Lancelot, my dog, he walked me

I think he's the size of a horse

Saturday afternoon our usual snowball fight

This one has Susie's name on it; we've got plans later to play doctor today

*What was it like before living on a cul-de-sac, and leading the parades in my mind

*What was it like before Sunday school and playing game boy; I'm almost to level 5

*What was it like before wanting to stay home before going to summer camp and never wanting to go home

Saturday night the cartoons are all gone; watching the sun go down with mom and dad

Well now I'm a level six wizard in gameboy-land

Now eating dinner with the family; somehow Lancelot gets my vegetables

Then time for Late-night with the Barbarian and then bed

*What was it like before Flinstone vitamins and matching toothbrushes

*What was it like before Superman underwear, because that's who'd I become to face the monsters under my bed

*What was it like before Saturday

*What was it like before Saturday

Until Tomorrow Then

by pete

Tormented waters a storm at bay

Unquenchable lust for others away

I see you smile for another

Wishing you would just look my way

Constantly Constance

Constrictingly Constrictance

Fabulously Fabulous

Painstakingly Painful

*Until tomorrow then

I keep wishing on that bright star

Until tomorrow then

Just breathe remembering me

Until tomorrow then

Take time and I will fall into your embrace

Until tomorrow then

And I will fall from grace

Chances and dances with you

What if Kipling had his way

Then I might be around and not leaving you

All you had to do was say stay

I might be back I could even write a song or two

I'll try not to creep out anyone especially you

I am myself always around and away from the blues

I don't count my stars without thinking of you


Lester We Forgot
by pete
You see life it seems
will turn into you
because life will leave so fast
so fast it gets back to you
Will not find out
Life it seems
What if I could come down to the clouds every time
What if I could be alive for this time
This time will come around to you
This will be for
around and around
the dreams will fall up and down
What I were to sing you a song
What if I were to love this life as you did, I could be wrong
What If I were to just to fall in love
What If I just fall in love
Again its those dreams that they will pass along to me
We'll not be because it could last a lifetime to me
Well along came that dream to you
What if I could see the stars in the night like you could
What if I could be somebody other then someone you should be
What if I could be along now child?
Be along now child
Be long long way
Be a long long way from home
again and again and again
Because we soldier on
again and again and again
we must before its gone
What if you were to love me?
What if you were to come around?
What if you were to love me?
Life again
What if you were to be on my mind?
On my dream
On my way
On my feet
On my way
Wouldn't it be nice
by pete
Wouldn't it be nice to leave Los Angeles
Well let's just see what comes of it
Finding a way through the hipsters hanging around
Wouldn't it be nice to leave tonight
*Let the rain come down on me
And the whispered moonlight nights sing so softly across your tongue
Let the rain come down on you
Because you will always right my wrongs
Wouldn't it be nice
Wouldn't it be nice to leave Houston Texas
You said "Let's see what comes of it"
Finding a train to ride silently downtown tonight
It's a one way ticket to nowhere and out of site
* Wouldn't it be nice to leave New York City
Your friends will help you when it comes time
Finding your dreams are already conquered and won
So let's just leave tonight
* Loneliness is a Bittersweet Love Song
by pete
You see life it seems to turn around my friend Sorry I did not tell you sooner then wave a white flag staring down your street Making the rounds losing life to sweetYou say love love my love Loneliness in a blind mans gaze And Love Love Love is all we ever needYou said two shots in the dark to miss We always lose a great lovers kiss Living up dreams turning up stone cold Finding the time to grow up and find your soulYou say love love my love Loneliness I found in spades And Love Love Love is all I ever needed(Bridge) Stop and turn around lights out my friend You've got a lot to say to me then Patch a red flag you know this means war Lovers, fighters, they can't keep score You say love love my love Loneliness in life must change And Love Love Love is all you ever need Bad Idea
pete, sam, ashley
She Wiped a defiant tear from her cheek
And cursed that man in the rear view mirror
She's got enough quarters and dimes to get there and back
But she swears she'll only use half
She's fallen in love more than a few times
She wears bad luck on her shoulder
Her tears and thread holding her together
She fell in love with a bad idea
They found themselves walking the same road
Waving their pickets on a whim and a prayer
They don't seem to care what they are saying
As long as they are heard
They've fallen in love more than a few times
They wear bad luck on their shoulders
They fear the threads holding them together
they fell in love with a bad idea
I found myself following her trail of tears
That brought me to a broken down motel
I found the one I was looking for
With her shattered heart above the door
I've fallen in love more than a few times
I wear bad luck on my shoulders
I tear the thread holding us together
I fell in love with a bad idea
All the Way Down
Pete, Ashley

There is stardust on my floor these days

Hanging out with the little dogs and happiness and fairytales

You say your life is not too sudden

All of a sudden you fall in love

And the lamplighters of our sneakered hearts

Will mix with the chess and the checkers and the checkmates

Together now

We are soul we are wanderers

We look so good together

Feeling like screaming we scheme about our futures

We always find our way home

Traveling like timing it's all about the love and the humor in our souls

With the mix of vinyl and CDs that you love

We are two smoking barrels of fun

Together now

We are fools we are conquerors

We look so good together love

All the way down